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Nancy Kirkman

We have been going to OT Etc. for over ten years. There are obviously many service providers in San Diego. We continue with OT Etc. because the providers are excellent. We initially started OT for my son when he was a baby. He had such sensory issues, that he could not chew or swallow solid food. The therapists at OT Etc. are expert in working with kids who have feeding issues. Now that my son is eating well, we are working on his other fine motor and sensory issues.nnMy son looks forward to his weekly appointment. Whenever I meet someone who is looking for O.T. services, I always recommend O.T. Etc.


The Doyle Family

OT ETC is the best! My daughter has Down Syndrome and has been going to OT since she was 6 months old (3.5yo now) and loves every minute of it. She has made amazing progress with her therapist Megan, who pushes her to her maximum potential. We couldn’t ask for a better organization for our daughter.


Victoria B

Megan at OT, Etc. is phenomenal! She finds creative ways, tailored to each child, to motivate and help them achieve their goals. There is no doubt that she cares for each and every child she treats. My sons would not be where they are today without her. We love Megan & OT Etc!



My son, Logan, has been going to Excel Speech since 2014 and OT Etc since 2016.

When he first started with Brigid (Speech) and Shana (OT), he was barely speaking, and he could not do things like put his shoes on or take them off independently. We were incredibly worried about what would happen when he tried to enter school and what his future would hold.

Two years later, he speaks normally and is even reading a bit better than kids his age! He can dress himself, feed himself and has so much more confidence in his body and fine motor skills. They gave us back our hope for his future.

Logan LOVES both of them and often asks to go to their office, even on days when he doesn’t have appointments!

I cannot express how grateful we are for Brigid and Shana. Logan is a completely different little boy than when he first began to work with them. They are miracle workers, and they have been a vital part of Logan’s growth.

Shana and Brigid, and everyone we’ve dealt with in this office, have been marvelous and there has never been any doubt in my mind that they love children and love what they do. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I trusted them with my most precious treasure, my baby boy, and they have repaid that trust a million times over. I can never, ever thank them enough.